In MIT land, one can potentially have multiple instances tied (by convention) 
to a given user (that is, that administratively one knows are the same set of 
eyeballs).  For example, I might have my normal user (hile), and I might have 
another distinct MIT principal hile/admin used when I’m doing administrative 
work in the kerb database, or potentially yet another hile/vpn for remote 
access.  Only the first of these is a ‘real’ user that needs to have a uid, 
gid, home directory, and shell; the others are just Kerberos principals that 
might have differing password policies applied to them.  In FreeIPA, it appears 
all kerberos principals are tied to a user (or to a host in the case of host/ 
or another service definition). Is it possible to define a non-posix user?  
There is no good reason for hile/admin@MY.REALM to have a uidNumber or 
gidNumber; one should never login directly using that principal.

Coy Hile

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