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I guess that makes sense. Is it possible to add a user that simply
doesn't have the posix attributes  defined? In the particular case of
*/admin, I would expect that user to login to the ipa ui or to be
kinit'd to prior to running ipa administrative commands, but I should
hope that it should never login directly.

Does that question make more sense?

It does, but we do not have such a feature, sorry.


Could one hypothetically remove the posix attributes (via some scripted
process that validates that what it's doing is inline with organizational
norms/goals) without breaking freeIPA, or are the posix attributes MUST in
the IPA object classes?   I'm sorry for so many endless questions, but having
finally got my personal setup/lab using something other than Active Directory,
I'm looking to migrate to something that is easier to manage, so I'm trying to
draw comparisons between what I had been used to in previous vanilla krb/ldap


Coy Hile

Coy Hile

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