On Thu, 09 Apr 2015, Guertin, David S. wrote:
We have a trust relationship set up between our IPA domain and our AD
domain. When ad AD user logs in to an IPA client, they are given a home
directory of /home/<ad-domain>/<username>. I would like to change this
to /home/<username>. (I'm not interested in automatically creating the
home firectory on login, I just want to change the directory name.) The
users are not assigned a home directory in AD, so it's up to IPA to set

In the [nss] section of /etc/sssd/sssd.conf, I have

 homedir_substring = /home

but that doesn't do it. Neither does:

 fallback_homedir = /home/%u

Where can this variable be set?
If your clients are RHEL 7.1, remove all of the hacks and use ID Views instead.

ID view 'Default Trust View' will be applied automatically -- on RHEL7.1
clients by SSSD picking it up from IPA master, on legacy clients by
their lookups to compat trees. On RHEL6.6 I think SSSD is not capable
doing the lookup 'RHEL7.1 way' yet but a rebase is planned to get next
update cycle to catch up.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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