>If your clients are RHEL 7.1, remove all of the hacks and use ID Views instead.
>ID view 'Default Trust View' will be applied automatically -- on RHEL7.1
>clients by SSSD picking it up from IPA master, on legacy clients by their
>lookups to compat trees. On RHEL6.6 I think SSSD is not capable doing the
>lookup 'RHEL7.1 way' yet but a rebase is planned to get next update cycle to
>catch up.

Thanks, all of our clients are RHEL 6 and RHEL 5, so I'll just be patient and 
look forward to that (at least for RHEL 6). 

I was just poking around the ID Views section of the Web UI, and it looks like 
I can set Home Directory for Users, but not User Groups. On the one hand that 
makes sense, since groups don't have home directories, but on the other hand, 
AD users are not shown (i.e. they only exist in IPA as a group), and anyway I 
would like to be able to set the home directory format for all users at once 
(including AD users) instead of individually. Is that possible?

David Guertin

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