On 23.4.2015 16:33, Esdras La-Roque wrote:
> Hi guys.
> I'm DNS issue in a fresh installation. I've tried reinstalling the IPA
> several times.
> My environment:
> - CentOS 7.0
> - IPA 3.3.3 (distro
> Installation cmd: ipa-server-install --mkhomedir --setup-dns
> --forwarder=
> The installation finished successfully, but the log shows dns error with
> ldap:
> named[3315]: ldap_syncrepl will reconnect in 60 seconds
> named[3315]: connection to the LDAP server was lost
> named[3315]: successfully reconnected to LDAP server
> named[3315]: LDAP instance 'ipa' is being synchronized, please ignore
> message 'all zones loaded'
> LDAP error: Critical extension is unavailable: unable to start SyncRepl
> session: is RFC 4533 supported by LDAP server?
> named[3315]: ldap_syncrepl will reconnect in 60 seconds

It seems that you are mixing CentOS 7.0 and 7.1 packages which is really
weird, package dependencies should prevent that.

What versions of 389-ds-base and bind-dyndb-ldap packages do you have?
$ rpm -q 389-ds-base bind-dyndb-ldap

I would recommend you to jump straight to a clean CentOS 7.1 installation and
be done with it :-)

Petr^2 Spacek

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