Hi guys.

I'm DNS issue in a fresh installation. I've tried reinstalling the IPA
several times.

My environment:

- CentOS 7.0
- IPA 3.3.3 (distro

Installation cmd: ipa-server-install --mkhomedir --setup-dns

The installation finished successfully, but the log shows dns error with

named[3315]: ldap_syncrepl will reconnect in 60 seconds
named[3315]: connection to the LDAP server was lost
named[3315]: successfully reconnected to LDAP server
named[3315]: LDAP instance 'ipa' is being synchronized, please ignore
message 'all zones loaded'
LDAP error: Critical extension is unavailable: unable to start SyncRepl
session: is RFC 4533 supported by LDAP server?
named[3315]: ldap_syncrepl will reconnect in 60 seconds

And DNS don't work:

~# host ipaserver.mydomain.ipa
Using domain server:

Host ipaserver.mydomain.ipa not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

~# ipa dnsrecord-show mydomin.ipa ipaserver
  Record name: ipaserver
  A record:

What should I test?

Already formatted the server and the problem continues.

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