I am running a RHEL7 IPA Server ipa-server 3.3.3-28
RHEL6 clients running IPA Client 3.0.0-42

I have setup an AD trust which works great, however I want to make it so the 
users don't have to use @realm to login and that their home directory does not 
default to /home/realm/username

AD       sbx.local
IPA       unix.sbx.local

Works great
User login:  ssh username@realm@hostname

$ ssh aduser1@s...@linuxtest1.sbx.local
aduser1@s...@linuxtest1.sbx.local's password:
Last login: Fri May  1 09:36:53 2015 from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Could not chdir to home directory /home/sbx.local/aduser1: No such file or 

Any and all help is appreciated.
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