That's great, I got it all working, perhaps you can answer one last question, 
although not sure this is going to be fixable or not.

Anyway to get rid of the realm when using id, as you can see below, kinda messy.

[root@linuxtest1 home]# su - aduser1
-sh-4.1$ id
-sh-4.1$ pwd
-sh-4.1$ ls -l /home/
total 4
drwxr-xr-x 2 aduser1@sbx.local<mailto:aduser1@sbx.local> 
aduser1@sbx.local<mailto:aduser1@sbx.local> 4096 May  5 09:38 aduser1

From: Tomas Babej []
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2015 1:31 AM
To: Redmond, Stacy;
Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] Removing REALM requirement and home directory 

On 05/04/2015 08:50 PM, Redmond, Stacy wrote:
I am running a RHEL7 IPA Server ipa-server 3.3.3-28
RHEL6 clients running IPA Client 3.0.0-42

I have setup an AD trust which works great, however I want to make it so the 
users don't have to use @realm to login and that their home directory does not 
default to /home/realm/username

Also note that you can override the home directory location using the 
override_homedir directive. See man sssd.conf for more details.

AD       sbx.local
IPA       unix.sbx.local

Works great
User login:  ssh username@realm@hostname

$ ssh 
Last login: Fri May  1 09:36:53 2015 from

Could not chdir to home directory /home/sbx.local/aduser1: No such file or 

Any and all help is appreciated.

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