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Hello everyone,

These days I'm testing integration between FreeIPA4 and Samba4 at file sharing level. Everything seems to work fine except share access from a standalone Windows client.

This is the setup (everything is up-to-date):
- ipa-server: CentOS 7.1, ipa-server 4.1, ipa-server-trust-ad plugin
- file-server: CentOS 7.1, ipa-client 4.1, samba 4.1 (sharing home dirs, not a DC)
- win-client: Windows 7 Home Premium

Config is done following the FreeIPA's Samba integration guide, and testing with samba-client from ipa-server (or any other ipa-joined machine) to file-server using kerberos after calling kinit is successful (file manipulation included).

Attempts to connect to the same share from win-client ends up with a log in error. Analyzing logs: Samba can't find the user because it can't find any DC, and that's because Samba can't resolve workgroup name (note that's not a question of SSO: win-client asks to type username and password). It seems that maybe Samba is not handling new kerberos ticket requests.

By now, my questions are:
- Can this setup work or it is absolutely necessary that any Windows client expecting to access Samba shares have to be already joined to a trusted domain?

Samba can have different ID sources. May be there is a way to somehow specify users that are not members of the domain locally on the Samba server. At least this is what I would research if I faced that issue.

- If this setup can't be done, I'll go for an LDAP config in file-server against ipa-server, but then, can I maintain the file-server joined with ipa-client? Will it work?

Yes. With SSSD 1.12 on the file server it should work.

Feel free to ask whatever you want, any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks!



Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Director of Engineering for IdM portfolio
Red Hat, Inc.

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