Hello Chris,

And thank you too for your answers!

>    Our end users use a mix of Windows and OSX laptops / workstations.
>    are not members of any kind of domain. They access our file servers via
>    Samba shares authenticated by freeIPA.
>    The samba server is a freeIPA client.
>    The samba config on the freeIPA side looks like it was done along the
>    in the link
>    http://techslaves.org/2011/08/24/freeipa-and-samba-3-integration/
>    The ldap config in our samba smb.conf looks like this:
>            security = user
>            passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://ldap.my.example.com
>            ldap suffix = dc=my,dc=example,dc=com
>            ldap admin dn = cn=Directory Manager
>            ldap ssl = off

That's interesting: Samba as an IPA client and resolving via LDAP, what
about sssd.conf?

I already know the link (and I don't like very much patching the code), but
it won't be needed anymore since “ipa-server-trust-ad” is out, right?

Thanks and cheers!

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