For the NOPASSWD option, I found that using !authenticate  in the sudo option 
is what IPA wants instead.

$ ipa sudorule-add-option readfiles
Sudo Option: !authenticate
Added option "!authenticate" to Sudo rule "readfiles"

From: Dmitri Pal <<>>
Organization: Red Hat
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Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 5:32 PM
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Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] Allow user or group to switch user without 
password and not becoming root

On 05/12/2015 04:44 PM, Andrey Ptashnik wrote:
Hello Team,

We have RHEL 7.1 and IPA server 4.1.0 in our environment as well as stack of 
Oracle software that require existence of local passwordless users like 
weblogic and oracle.
Users log in to servers via domain accounts at IPA server.

I’m trying to configure Sudo policy in IPA server that will allow users in the 
company to log in to servers in IPA domain and switch to weblogic or oracle 
user without having to enter any passwords, but also without increasing their 
privileges to root.
Using plain /etc/sudoers file it can be accomplished something like below:

%users ALL = (root)

Users will be who of the IPA sudo rule


This will be an option that you would put into the sudo rule

/bin/su – oracle

This will be the command. You create a command and then reference it in the 

At least this is what I would try.

How can I configure this behavior in IPA server?



Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Director of Engineering for IdM portfolio
Red Hat, Inc.
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