On 5/19/15 12:04 AM, thierry bordaz wrote:
On 05/19/2015 03:42 AM, Janelle wrote:
On 5/18/15 6:23 PM, Janelle wrote:
Once again, replication/sync has been lost. I really wish the product was more stable, it is so much potential and yet.

Servers running for 6 days no issues. No new accounts or changes (maybe a few users changing passwords) and again, 5 out of 16 servers are no longer in sync.

I can test it easily by adding an account and then waiting a few minutes, then run "ipa user-show --all username" on all the servers, and only a few of them have the account. I have now waited 15 minutes, still no luck.

Oh well.. I guess I will go look at alternatives. I had such high hopes for this tool. Thanks so much everyone for all your help in trying to get things stable, but for whatever reason, there is a random loss of sync among the servers and obviously this is not acceptable.


All the replicas are happy again. I found these again:

unable to decode  {replica 16} 55356472000300100000 55356472000300100000
unable to decode  {replica 23} 5553e3a3000000170000 55543240000300170000
unable to decode  {replica 24} 554d53d3000000180000 554d54a4000200180000

What I also found to be interesting is that I have not deleted any masters at all, so this was quite perplexing where the orphaned entries came from. However I did find 3 of the replicas did not show complete RUV lists... While most of the replicas had a list of all 16 servers, a couple of them listed only 4 or 5. (using ipa-replica-manage list-ruv)

Once I re-initialized --from servers that showed the correct RUVS everyone is happy again. I have tested replication by creating and deleting accounts, changing group members and a few other things. Everything is working fine. I have enabled additional logging.

Now we wait and when it happens again, hopefully we have something.


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