On 5/20/15 12:54 AM, Ludwig Krispenz wrote:

On 05/20/2015 02:57 AM, Janelle wrote:
On 5/19/15 12:04 AM, thierry bordaz wrote:
On 05/19/2015 03:42 AM, Janelle wrote:
On 5/18/15 6:23 PM, Janelle wrote:
Once again, replication/sync has been lost. I really wish the product was more stable, it is so much potential and yet.

Servers running for 6 days no issues. No new accounts or changes (maybe a few users changing passwords) and again, 5 out of 16 servers are no longer in sync.

I can test it easily by adding an account and then waiting a few minutes, then run "ipa user-show --all username" on all the servers, and only a few of them have the account. I have now waited 15 minutes, still no luck.

Oh well.. I guess I will go look at alternatives. I had such high hopes for this tool. Thanks so much everyone for all your help in trying to get things stable, but for whatever reason, there is a random loss of sync among the servers and obviously this is not acceptable.


All the replicas are happy again. I found these again:

unable to decode  {replica 16} 55356472000300100000 55356472000300100000
unable to decode  {replica 23} 5553e3a3000000170000 55543240000300170000
unable to decode  {replica 24} 554d53d3000000180000 554d54a4000200180000

What I also found to be interesting is that I have not deleted any masters at all, so this was quite perplexing where the orphaned entries came from. However I did find 3 of the replicas did not show complete RUV lists... While most of the replicas had a list of all 16 servers, a couple of them listed only 4 or 5. (using ipa-replica-manage list-ruv)
so this happens "out of the blue" ? Did it happen at the same time, do you know when it started ? The maxcsns in the ruv are quite old: r16: apr,21, r23: may,14 r24: may,9 could it be that there was no change applied to these masters for that time ?

Indeed yes, that is a correct statement. It seems to be incredibly random.
Ok, I give up - how are you finding the date in the strings? And really, is May 14th that old?

What is odd about the Apr 21st one, is that if you see my previous emails, I had cleaned up all of this before, so for that to "re-appear" is indeed a mystery.

As of this morning, things remain clean. What will be funny, now that I had extended logging enabled, they know we are on to them, so the servers won't fail again. :-)


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