On 05/21/2015 01:36 PM, Janelle wrote:
And just like that - for no reason, they all reappeared:

unable to decode  {replica 16} 55356472000300100000 55356472000300100000
unable to decode  {replica 23} 5545d61f000200170000 5552f718000300170000
unable to decode  {replica 24} 554d53d3000000180000 554d54a4000200180000


so it is the same set of rids again. Just to be sure, do servers with rid 16, 23 and 24 still exist ? I think last time you cleaned them by ldapmodify, so they should no longer exist.

you said you would enable logging, did you find something in the logs ? or can we have a look at them ?

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