On (26/06/15 10:10), Prasun Gera wrote:
>> More importantly, ipa-client-install is just a thin configuration tool. If
>> ipa-client-install is not available on your platform you can configure
>> everything manually and it will work (as long as the client is
>> standard-compliant).
>> I.e. the client side is *in the worst case* (without ipa-client-install)
>> equally hard to setup as for any home-made solution.
>Yes, on Ubuntu 12.04, the issue is probably more related to the script than
>the underlying packages, which I upgraded from their respective ppas. The
>most complete documentation for getting ipa running, ironically, comes from
>this bug report
>https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/freeipa/+bug/1280215 which is
>marked as won't fix. (This affects 12.04 btw which is lts).
>On FreeNAS, it has to do with Hiemdal v/s MIT kerberos.
SSSD on FreeBSD is compiled with MIT kerberos (/usr/local/*)
and not with default Heimdal which is in standard paths.


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