On (26/06/15 01:29), Prasun Gera wrote:
>I've found that if you are setting up a new environment from scratch which
>is mostly going to involve RHEL/Fedora systems, and that you have full
>control over your network including DNS, DHCP etc., it should mostly be
>smooth sailing. However, if you already have a network of old and new
>machines running different versions and flavours of unix, there is
>significantly more work involved. That is, there is significant complexity
>on client side code as well which should not be discounted. Do a survey of
>the state of client side support on different distributions. From my
>experience, Ubuntu 12.04 is iffy. There's also an open ticket pushed to
ipa-client-install is not properly ported to ubuntu 12.04 and
moreover there is quite there quite old version of sssd 1.11.5-1
which contains may bugs. Lots of them are fixed in upstream 1.11.7
and some of them in 1.11.8 which we would like to release in few weeks.
so If you hit bugs on ubuntu 12.04 please try latest upstream version (1.11)
or file bugs to ubuntu.

>'future' on FreeNAS, which is BSD based. IMO this is one of the major
>hurdles for wider adoption.
FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD and ipa-client-install is not available there.
The only benefit is newer version of sssd (1.11.7) than in ubuntu 12.04.
There was also thread here(freeipa-users) with document describing steps
for configuration on FreeBSD.


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