On 26.6.2015 12:18, Lukas Slebodnik wrote:
> On (26/06/15 01:29), Prasun Gera wrote:
>> I've found that if you are setting up a new environment from scratch which
>> is mostly going to involve RHEL/Fedora systems, and that you have full
>> control over your network including DNS, DHCP etc., it should mostly be
>> smooth sailing. However, if you already have a network of old and new
>> machines running different versions and flavours of unix, there is
>> significantly more work involved. That is, there is significant complexity
>> on client side code as well which should not be discounted. Do a survey of
>> the state of client side support on different distributions. From my
>> experience, Ubuntu 12.04 is iffy. There's also an open ticket pushed to
> ipa-client-install is not properly ported to ubuntu 12.04 and
> moreover there is quite there quite old version of sssd 1.11.5-1
> which contains may bugs. Lots of them are fixed in upstream 1.11.7
> and some of them in 1.11.8 which we would like to release in few weeks.
> so If you hit bugs on ubuntu 12.04 please try latest upstream version (1.11)
> or file bugs to ubuntu.
>> 'future' on FreeNAS, which is BSD based. IMO this is one of the major
>> hurdles for wider adoption.
> FreeNAS is based on FreeBSD and ipa-client-install is not available there.
> The only benefit is newer version of sssd (1.11.7) than in ubuntu 12.04.
> There was also thread here(freeipa-users) with document describing steps
> for configuration on FreeBSD.

More importantly, ipa-client-install is just a thin configuration tool. If
ipa-client-install is not available on your platform you can configure
everything manually and it will work (as long as the client is

I.e. the client side is *in the worst case* (without ipa-client-install)
equally hard to setup as for any home-made solution.

Petr^2 Spacek

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