Hi I am using freeipa 3.0.0-47 in a mixed environment with rhel5-7 clients, 
Solaris 10 clients and a handful of Solaris 11 clients. I followed this guide 
in setting up the solaris clients: 3.8. Configuring a Solaris System as a 
FreeIPA Client
|   |
|   |   |   |   |   |
| 3.8. Configuring a Solaris System as a FreeIPA ClientFreeIPA provides an 
example profile for configuring Solaris 10 as a FreeIPA client. This can be 
loaded using ldapclient and the init command: [root@solaris ~]# ldapclient init 
ipa.example.com  |
|  |
| View on docs.fedoraproject.org | Preview by Yahoo |
|  |
|   |

and my users are able to authenticate to the directory but the hbac rules are 
not being applied. Any user whether given access or not can login to the 
Solaris systems. The "allow-all" rule has been disabled, my nsswitch.conf file 
looks good and I have tried different configs of pam.d, including the provided 
example to try to resolve the issue. Am I missing some steps?

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