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    sipazzo wrote:

        and my users are able to authenticate to the directory but the hbac
        rules are not being applied. Any user whether given access or not can
        login to the Solaris systems. The "allow-all" rule has been disabled, my
        nsswitch.conf file looks good and I have tried different configs of
        pam.d, including the provided example to try to resolve the issue. Am I
        missing some steps?

    HBAC enforcement is provided by sssd so doesn't work in Solaris.

one might try using solaris' RBAC system:


You would have to distribute your changes to all solaris systems.

There is a RBAC ldap schema
http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19455-01/806-5580/6jej518q5/index.html for solaris,
but I have never tried using it with freeipa.


Alternatively, you can also contribute to Jakub Hrozek's pam_hbac project:




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