I have a 3 node IPA cluster, I have replaced the 2 "slaves" however when I try 
and remove the last one the master? it says,

"[root@vuwunicoipam001 thing]# ipa-replica-manage del vuwunicoipam002.xxxxxxxx
Directory Manager password: 

Deleting a master is irreversible.
To reconnect to the remote master you will need to prepare a new replica file
and re-install.
Continue to delete? [no]: yes
Deleting this server will orphan 'vuwunicoipam001xxxxxxxxx  and   
You will need to reconfigure your replication topology to delete this server.
[root@vuwunicoipam001 thing]# ipa-replica-manage list
Directory Manager password: 

vuwunicoipam002.xxxxxxxx master
vuwunicoipam003.xxxxxxxx master
vuwunicoipam001.xxxxxxxx master
[root@vuwunicoipam001 thing]#"

So how do I re-configure?



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