Steven Jones wrote:
I have a 3 node IPA cluster, I have replaced the 2 "slaves" however when I try 
and remove the last one the master? it says,

"[root@vuwunicoipam001 thing]# ipa-replica-manage del vuwunicoipam002.xxxxxxxx
Directory Manager password:

Deleting a master is irreversible.
To reconnect to the remote master you will need to prepare a new replica file
and re-install.
Continue to delete? [no]: yes
Deleting this server will orphan 'vuwunicoipam001xxxxxxxxx  and   
You will need to reconfigure your replication topology to delete this server.
[root@vuwunicoipam001 thing]# ipa-replica-manage list
Directory Manager password:

vuwunicoipam002.xxxxxxxx master
vuwunicoipam003.xxxxxxxx master
vuwunicoipam001.xxxxxxxx master
[root@vuwunicoipam001 thing]#"

So how do I re-configure?

Every server is a master. The only differences may be the services running (CA and/or DNS) and only one generates the CRL and manages certificate renewal. Otherwise they are all equal masters.

This doesn't show the topology. Were I to guess it looks like:

  /  \
002  003

So you need to run ipa-replica-manage connect vuwunicoipam002 vuwunicoipam003

Then you should be able to delete 0001. Just be sure at least one of those other masters has a CA, if not both of them. You may need ipa-csreplica-manage connect to connect that topology.

Also be aware of the DNA config. A master doesn't automatically get one. It only gets it when it creates an entry that needs a range.


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