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Hi all,

Environment: RHEL6 with IPA 3.0 at current RedHat level. 64-core
256-GB RAM Oracle x4470 M2.

During our migration from NIS on Solaris 140,000+ accounts will be
added. After tuning per the guides dbmon.sh shows no roevicts and we
get high cache hit ratios.

Per a previous discussion with the list the input is broken down into
batches of less than 1,000 users and the default IPA group is changed
before each batch. This helped greatly.

Adding all the users takes many hours. Initially ipa user-add takes an
average 2.3 seconds per user but degrades by the time there are
140,000 users to an average 6.7 seconds per user.

In tracing it appears that a significant portion of the time ipa
user-add takes is not the add itself, it is the query at the end that
displays the resulting user account. Is there any legit way to prevent
this query?

The length of time it takes to migrate is not a big concern. The
concern is the start of the fall school term when we typically add
approximately 1,300 accounts per hour during the registration period
with our current system.

All suggestions will be appreciated.

Regards, Daryl

Hi Daryl,

I can reproduce similar trend of user-add becoming slower and slower.

Now in my tests (etime=7s) the time was spent half by authentication and
half by ADD and MOD (update of ipausers group). I agree there are many
direct SRCH (~10) but they all seems to be rapid.

I know that the vast majority of the time is spent in DS schema-compat
plugin. Disabling it, during provisioning, reduce the duration by ~3.
Now I do not know if it is a valid option to disable this plugin during
As long as the schema compat is not needed by users during the
provisioning, turning it off is fine. All the contents are regenerated
at startup anyway. So it can be re-enabled and the server restarted
after the bulk provisioning is done.
+1. When provisioning users via "ipa migrate-ds" command, schema compat is
strongly suggested to be turned off too.
For information, accelerating user-add is investigated under https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/5448. Schema-compat has a significant impact on ldap ADD and MOD done during user-add. Now appropriate setting of scope of others plugins (dna, memberof, uniqueness, uuid...) shows that ADD can be reduced by 10 and MOD by 2, this even if schema-compat is still enabled.
So there are also possible improvements in plugin tuning.
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