Hi. I’m very new to IPA; I only picked it up a couple weeks ago. So this may be 
a remedial question.

I’d like to expose, both via the CLI and the GUI, certain LDAP attributes which 
have hyphens in their names — e.g., "apple-user-homeurl.” The Param class 
rejects these attributes because of the hyphens; the name of the Param doesn’t 
conform to the regular expression so an exception gets thrown. This code does 
not work:

user.user.takes_params = user.user.takes_params + (
        label=_('Apple User Home URL'),
        doc=_('Apple user home URL.'),
Is there a sensible way of getting around that, or will I have to subclass 
Param and write a whole bunch of new code to get this to work?

Thanks very much.


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