On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 12:08:11PM +0200, Youenn PIOLET wrote:
> Hi there,
> For your information :
> I just realised today that the certificate signing using web interface was
> still broken.
> I've got 3 caIPAserviceCert.cfg files on my system :
> Locate  caIPAserviceCert.cfg output
> 1. New profile :  /usr/share/ipa/profiles/caIPAserviceCert.cfg
> 2. Old broken profile : /usr/share/pki/ca/profiles/ca/caIPAserviceCert.cfg
> 3. Old broken profile :
> /var/lib/pki/pki-tomcat/ca/profiles/ca/caIPAserviceCert.cfg
> LDAP profile version was not OK, back to the older version of profile. I
> fixed it back.
> FreeIPA since v4.2 configures Dogtag to use the LDAPProfileSubsystem
> > which stores profile configuration in LDAP.
> >
> I think my Dogtag (in IPA web interface) was still using the files (and
> replacing the LDAP entry after a while? Or did it happen when a added a new
> replica?).
Yes - installing a new replica will re-clobber the profile

Patches to fix the problem are merged upstream and will make their
way into an upcoming bugfix release.


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