Yes, since we're running it on Centos6 nodes in this case, the repos only have IPA 3.0 available...unless you know of a better repo that has the 3.3 stuff available ;)

Thank you for the insight.


On 8/24/16 2:17 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Wed, 24 Aug 2016, Chris Moody wrote:

Wanted to first take a quick moment to thank everyone for their
contributions on making this such a slick packaging and integration of
components.  FreeIPA is a welcome systemthat has been needed for a
LONG time.

I'm running into some trouble in completing my AD-trust setup.

I've followed the guide here:

but am not finding the command 'ipa trust-fetch-domains "ad_domain"'.

What concerns me is the statement " With this command running
successfuly, IPA will get information about trusted domains and will
create all needed identity ranges for them." - does this imply that if
this command is NOT run that the creation of the mentioned identity
ranges does not occur?

The following command in the guide (ipa trustdomain-find "ad_domain")
also does not exist, but what appears to be a variant of it (ipa
trust-find) does return these results:
What FreeIPA version do you have? Sounds like FreeIPA 3.0.something.

In FreeIPA 3.0 support for trust to AD was only taking off. Most of
features were added in FreeIPA 3.3 and later, with FreeIPA 4.2 being
most stable.

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