Hi there, I can see that RHEL 7.3 have left beta, and wanted to check this 
shiny new release that should fix a lot of the problems and current quirks we 
have, so I went through the release notes on SSSD in RHEL 7.3 and can't see any 
patched being added since end September, and in particular a patch for RHBZ# 
1371152 in the SSSD 1.14 release ?

>> Will RHEL7.3 have the currently working SSSD 1.14.1 from jhrozek's COPR repo
>> (test build
>> https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/jhrozek/sssd-principal-test/)
> Not 1.14.1, but 7.3 will have the patch I put in my COPR repo (that's in
> general how RHEL works, we can rebase only up to a certain point and then
> we cherry-pick selected approved patches to avoid breaking RHEL with some
> unrelated upstream change..)

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