I'm still interested in this topic as our IPA servers are on private AWS subnets and it would be really nice to have an internal AWS ALB or ELB be the user-facing interface so we can route traffic between IPA systems and only "advertise" a single hostname for access. Plus it would be great to put the load balancer name into the various sssd.conf and krb5.conf client files since our internal DNS-based service discovery has some brittleness that is outside my control to fix.

I played with this for a short time and hit the "IPA redirects to it's internal FQDN" problem as well. Now that this appears to be a somewhat simple tweak to the httpd.conf type files I may start playing around with putting private IPA systems behind a private AWS load balancer


Deepak Dimri wrote:
we discussed the options internally and finally decided to host ipa within the 
private subnets - our security team wast too comfortable  to  expose ipa 
servers on to the public network.

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