i would like to modify schema to have group objects extended with email and 
display name attribute. 
The reason is that we are trying to sync our ldap to our google apps. 

I don't know how much this doc 
can be applied to groups. Neither did i find a supported attribute syntax for 
email, maybe PrintableString   For values 
which contain strings containing alphabetic, numeral, and select punctuation 
characters (as defined in RFC 4517 ). 
but i am not sure if that could hold email addresses. 

It would be pretty to have it exposed via ipalib and js plugins as well. 
If someone could help me out on extending schema, i would be really happy. 

Sándor Juhász 
System Administrator 
ChemAxon Ltd . 
Building Hx, GraphiSoft Park, Záhony utca 7, Budapest, Hungary, H-1031 
Cell: +36704258964 
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