OID - check 
ldapmodify - check 
python scripts - check 
These works on both ipa 3.x and ipa 4.x. 
So the basic functionality is there for the new object class. 

js - i am stuck with, i have created the js files for the plugin, see below. 

But i don't know how to generate the the index. Also i might be completely 

On ipa 3.x the js files are there, most probably the groups.js would exist as i 
expect it. 
But on the other hand on the ipa 4.x there is nothing but freeipa/core.js is 

Here is the plugin, i am trying to use: 
function(phases, group_mod) { 
// helper function 
function get_item(array, attr, value) { 
for (var i=0,l=array.length; i<l; i++) { 
if (array[i][attr] === value) return array[i]; 
return null; 
var groupmail_plugin = {}; 
// adds 'mail' field into group details facet 
groupmail_plugin.add_group_mail_pre_op = function() { 
var facet = get_item(group_mod.entity_spec.facets, '$type', 'details'); 
var section = get_item(facet.sections, 'name', 'identity'); 
name: 'mail', 
label: 'Mail' 
return true; 
phases.on('customization', groupmail_plugin.add_group_mail_pre_op); 
return groupmail_plugin; 

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On 02/01/2017 11:53, Sandor Juhasz wrote: 
> I would be really happy if anybody could assign an OID for the new 
> objectcalss 

You can get your own enterprise OID for free from here: 


Note that you only get one, so it's up to you to subdivide the space. 
For example: if you get, then you might decide to use: = LDAP object classes = myMailObjectClass = someOtherObjectClass = LDAP attributes = mySpecialAttribute 

then later you can assign under for something else 
that needs OIDs (e.g. SNMP MIBs) and so on. 
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