On 01/04/2017 07:24 PM, Daniel Schimpfoessl wrote:
From the logs:
... a few warnings about cache size, NSACLPLugin and schema-compat-plugin
[04/Jan/2017:12:14:21.392642021 -0600] slapd started.  Listening on All
Interfaces port 389 for LDAP requests

... lots of entries, not sure what to look for some lines contain RESULT
with err!=0
[04/Jan/2017:12:18:01.753400307 -0600] conn=5 op=243 RESULT err=32
tag=101 nentries=0 etime=0
[04/Jan/2017:12:18:01.786928085 -0600] conn=44 op=1 RESULT err=14 tag=97
nentries=0 etime=0, SASL bind in progress

Hi Daniel,

are there any RESULT err=48 that could correspond to the error seen on pki logs?


[04/Jan/2017:12:19:25.566022098 -0600] slapd shutting down - signaling
operation threads - op stack size 5 max work q size 2 max work q stack
size 2
[04/Jan/2017:12:19:25.572566622 -0600] slapd shutting down - closing
down internal subsystems and plugins

2017-01-04 8:38 GMT-06:00 Daniel Schimpfoessl <dan...@schimpfoessl.com

    Do you have a list of all log files involved in IPA?
    Would be good to consolidate them into ELK for analysis.

    2017-01-04 2:48 GMT-06:00 Florence Blanc-Renaud <f...@redhat.com

        On 01/02/2017 07:24 PM, Daniel Schimpfoessl wrote:

            Thanks for your reply.

            This was the initial error I asked for help a while ago and
            did not get
            resolved. Further digging showed the recent errors.
            The service was running (using ipactl start --force) and
            only after a
            restart I am getting a stack trace for two primary messages:

            Could not connect to LDAP server host wwgwho01.webwim.com
            <http://wwgwho01.webwim.com> port 636 Error
            Authentication failed (48)

            Internal Database Error encountered: Could not connect to
            LDAP server
            host wwgwho01.webwim.com <http://wwgwho01.webwim.com>
            <http://wwgwho01.webwim.com> port 636 Error
            netscape.ldap.LDAPException: Authentication failed (48)

            and finally:

            2017-01-02 3:45 GMT-06:00 Florence Blanc-Renaud
            <f...@redhat.com <mailto:f...@redhat.com>
            <mailto:f...@redhat.com <mailto:f...@redhat.com>>>:

                systemctl start pki-tomcatd@pki-tomcat.service

        Hi Daniel,

        the next step would be to understand the root cause of this
        "Authentication failed (48)" error. Note the exact time of this
        log and look for a corresponding log in the LDAP server logs
        (/var/log/dirsrv/slapd-DOMAIN-COM/access), probably a failing
        BIND with err=48. This may help diagnose the issue (if we can
        see which certificate is used for the bind or if there is a
        specific error message).

        For the record, a successful bind over SSL would produce this
        type of log where we can see the certificate subject and the
        user mapped to this certificate:
        [...] conn=47 fd=84 slot=84 SSL connection from to
        [...] conn=47 TLS1.2 128-bit AES; client CN=CA
        Subsystem,O=DOMAIN.COM <http://DOMAIN.COM>; issuer
        CN=Certificate Authority,O=DOMAIN.COM <http://DOMAIN.COM>
        [...] conn=47 TLS1.2 client bound as uid=pkidbuser,ou=people,o=ipaca
        [...] conn=47 op=0 BIND dn="" method=sasl version=3 mech=EXTERNAL
        [...] conn=47 op=0 RESULT err=0 tag=97 nentries=0 etime=0


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