On ke, 22 helmi 2017, Ente Trompete wrote:

I have currently running one IdM Server (package version 4.4.0-14) on
CentOS 7.3 (x86_64). The first which I must ask is: which FreeIPA
Version is basis of this version because on
https://www.freeipa.org/page/Main_Page under News only v4.4.1 – v.4.4.3
are listed.
Read this: 
I hope it will help you in understanding how package versions in RHEL and
CentOS related to upstream FreeIPA versions.

The next question which I have is: can I install a Fedora 25 and use
the included FreeIPA v4.4.1-3 to create a replica of the existing
4.4.0-14? My problem is that I will use an ARM32 computer as replica
and Centos 7.3 runs properly on it but the repositories includes only
ipa-client packages. No ipa-server* package (BTW also for ARM64 is only
ipa-server-common available). But in the repositories of Fedora 25
ARM32 I can found all.
Packages in Fedora are 'freeipa-*', packages in RHEL/CentOS are 'ipa-*'.

CentOS uses whatever corresponding RHEL version provides. I don't think
RHEL has ARM build for ipa-server packages. I think RHEL officially supports
ipa-server only on x86-64.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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