THX for your answer but as you can see in your test, you get freeipa-server 
4.4.3 installed and if you follow the link offered by Alexander Red Hat/CentOS 
uses another versioning as the FreeIPA project contained in Fedora. So to 
create a replica with freeipa-server 4.4.3 from a CentOS ipa-server 4.4.0-<xx> 
can work but must not. And with any patching of CentOS and/or Fedora new 
problems can appear.

I must either switch also the primary replica to FreeIPA (Fedora) or can’t use 
ARM based computer for the second. Maybe a Gigabyte BRIX is a got alternative. 
Of course really more expensive and the Banna PI was then bought for the trash, 
maybe I can install Android and use it as TV box ;-).


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There is not any problem to install ipa-server on fedora.
There are provides.

sh# cat /etc/os-release
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