On 09-03-17 14:07, Simo Sorce wrote:
> On Thu, 2017-03-09 at 13:33 +0100, Kees Bakker wrote:
>> On 09-03-17 13:26, Tomas Krizek wrote:
>>> On 03/09/2017 01:19 PM, Kees Bakker wrote:
>>>> On 09-03-17 12:08, Martin Basti wrote:
>>>>> On 09.03.2017 11:12, Kees Bakker wrote:
>>>>>> Hey,
>>>>>> Is there an easy way to find out what the next free IP
>>>>>> address is when adding a new
>>>>>> DNS A record? The web interface sorts the records
>>>>>> alphabetically on "Record name",
>>>>>> even in-arpa zones. For the latter it would be more
>>>>>> convenient to sort numerically.
>>>>> No, it depends on your system. FreeIPA is not an authoritative
>>>>> source of
>>>>> IP addresses, this is job for DHCP server or any network
>>>>> management system.
>>>> DHCP, no.
>>>> "any network management system", that would be the DNS service in
>>>> our FreeIPA.
>>> DNS A records only translate the hostnames to IPv4 addresses. DNS
>>> does
>>> not assign the addresses. That's something DHCP would do. If you do
>>> not
>>> use DHCP and assign the IP addresses statically, the network
>>> administrator would be the person responsible for assigning you a
>>> free
>>> IP address.
>> Yes, I'm talking about static addresses. Is it really such a strange
>> question to
>> ask for static IP addresses?
>> The network administrator, that would be me.
> Would it be sufficient to you to have a command line tool to run
> against LDAP top list all existing IP addresses and sort them ?
> If so this is what I use (assuming a realm called example.com):
> ldapsearch -Y GSSAPI -s one -b 
> "idnsname=example.com.,cn=dns,dc=example,dc=com" aRecord 2>/dev/null |grep 
> "^aRecord" |sort
> Note: You need to be logged in (kinit'ed) with a user that has rights
> to see the DNS tree.

Thanks. That is more or less like what I am doing, beit that I use the JSON 
of ipa dnsrecord-find, and a Python script to massage the output and get a list
like this:    grift    qlcmdevl    sp2    kwistbeek    keersop    lutjewad

Anyway, from the answers I gather that this is what it is. Which is not a huge 
I was just curious if there were easier methods.

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