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| Are you running autogen.sh on the IBM? With some other projects, I a
| recall Suse problems with autoconf/automake.  I fixed the problem by
| running ./autogen.sh on a Redhat/Fedora/Debian system.
Al, I think you are right. This is caused because of
not-running-autogen.sh. When I run the binary's in place from the
source tree (they are actually libtool scripts) they work OK. Only
on install they screw up. This must be caused because of configure
script produced from a different platform.

Rene, Can you please install libtool, autoconf and automake on your
system, So that I can run autogen.sh?

Anand Babu 
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From: Anand Babu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Friday, March 24, 2006 7:34 am
Subject: symbols missing problem

> Strange, Compiling freeipmi from CVS on the IBM's system is giving run
> time errors like 
> athena:~/freeipmi/freeipmi-0.2.1/libfreeipmi/src # ipmipower
> ipmipower: symbol lookup error: ipmipower: undefined symbol:
> tmpl_cmd_get_channel_authentication_capabilities_v20_rs
> athena:~/freeipmi/freeipmi-0.2.1/libfreeipmi/src #
> How ever, I used "make dist" tar ball of CVS. Looking into this error
> -- 
> Anand Babu 
> GPG Key ID: 0x62E15A31
> Blog [http://ab.freeshell.org]              
> The GNU Operating System [http://www.gnu.org]  

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