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| Was this an issue b/c you did a "make install" and had both 32 & 64 libs
| installed on the test machine?  B/c this shouldn't be the case if only
| the x86_64 rpms were installed.  The rpms should not have any lib64
| issues, I just double checked on my machine.
Basically, this happened because of two mistakes at same time:
 1) I compiled freeipmi without lib64 libdir option.
 2) and old libfreeipmi was present under lib64

When I first installed freeipmi from source (without lib64 libdir), it
gave symbol missing error, instead of reporting "error loading
libfreeipmi.so". This means an older version of libfreeipmi.so was
residing under /usr/lib64 (installed from the RPMs). After I
un-installed all the RPMs completely, I got the expected "error
loading libfreeipmi.so" message. Then with ./configure
--libdir=/usr/lib64 --prefix=/usr solved the problem.

There is no problem in freeipmi. 

I am yet to work on the memory mapped IO. I will work on it today.
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