Al Chu writes:
Can you please add the best SOL default config to the template?

This is my point.  If you guys aren't interested in maintaining bmc-
autoconfig along w/ bmc-config, and I don't want to maintain it, and (it
seems) no one uses it, then we should get rid of it!! :-)

I am not asking you to maintain it. I only requested you to add SOL
settings, because you wrote the SOL. No worries we will take care of it.

It configures with PLAIN-TEXT passwords which is supported on all
systems. I would consider cipher settings as advanced and recommend
bmc-config instead.

That's my point A.B.  Cipher settings are advanced and necessary for
SOL.  Most users wouldn't want to touch them.  So bmc-autoconfig should
handle it.  Why would you leave it to bmc-config?

bmc-autoconfig's goal was to do basic known default settings to get a
system fully functional. Once the user is confident that IPMI is
accessible and basic commands work, he/she can fiddle more on top of
it. If SOL setting is so advanced, I would rather skip SOL all
together for bmc-autoconfig. Alternatively I don't see setting cipher
algorithm to NONE as that advanced. I will see what I can do.

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