Hi Sharad, Can you please post the full output without -g option?
Anand Babu Periasamy

Sharad Chandra writes:

Sorry, forgot to mention It is a FreeBSD 6.1 box and ipmi version freeipmi-0.3.1. "/usr/local/sbin/ipmi-sensors -g Module/Board" is not giving any value. And similarly Memory is also not giving me any value.

What parameter / tool should i use to figure out the problem location?
It is saying there are only 17 record info.
Fetching SDR repository information... done
Fetching record 16 of 17 (current record ID 17)

I am sure it is not related to freeipmi version any how. Right?

Sharad Chandra

On Friday 12 October 2007 1:06 pm, Gregor Dschung wrote:
Hey Shared,

it seems to be an issue related to Supermicro.

Query a HP-Server:
p300slg01:~/OM/linux/supportscripts # ipmi-sensors -h gtseval-ipmi -u
ADMIN -P -g Processor
2352: CPU0 Therm-Trip (Processor): [State Deasserted]
2400: CPU1 Therm-Trip (Processor): [State Deasserted]
2448: CPU0 IERR (Processor): [State Deasserted]
2496: CPU1 IERR (Processor): [State Deasserted]
2640: CPU0 SocketOcc (Processor): [Device Inserted/Device Present]
2688: CPU1 SocketOcc (Processor): [Device Removed/Device Absent]

Query a Supermicro-Server:
p300slg01:~/OM/linux/supportscripts # ipmi-sensors -h gts00-ipmi -u ADMIN
-P -g Module/Board
28: CPU0 Internal E (Module/Board): [OK]
29: CPU1 Internal E (Module/Board): [OK]
30: CPU Overheat (Module/Board): [OK]
31: Thermal Trip0 (Module/Board): [OK]
32: Thermal Trip1 (Module/Board): [OK]

You see, the sensor-type is different.


> Hello,
>    Once i run ipmi-sensors -g processor i don't get any output. It has kcs
> interface at IO base address CA8. System is Supermicro PDSMi. I think
> this has a support of IPMI. Why it is so?
> Thanks for any advice
> Sharad Chandra
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