Hmmm.  I just thought of something.
Are there any ipmi-related apps that are doing SetSelTime on this
That could cause problems like this if used indiscriminately.  That
command should generally be used once per OS boot, if at all.   


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This needs more information.
A raw dump of the SEL would help to determine whether the problem is in
the freeipmi interpretation or a problem on the server.
To get a raw dump of the SEL:
    ipmiutil sel -r  >sel.raw
    ipmitool sel writeraw sel.raw
    (not sure of how to do this with freeipmi)

If this record has event data 1 == 0x80, then "System Reconfigured" is a
good interpretation.
If it is interpreted correctly, then the SEL records surrounding this
event need to be reviewed. 
Also, if you got this event, then there may be some ipmi-related
processes running that caused it (output of ps -ef).  


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toget SEL record

I'm sorry, the below question may sound not suitable to the question
above. :)

--- On Sat, 1/24/09, Won De Erick <> wrote:
> Then one side question, I want to ask the possible reasons
> of the ff log obtained prior to clearing. I didn't change
> any in the system.
> I just noticed that the system halted serving and went back
> after 4-5 minutes, w/out any other records in SEL that says
> the box hang and rebooted.
> 54:23-Jan-2009 11:28:55:System Event #0:System
> Reconfigured

I just want to revisit this thread as the log "System Reconfigured" is
recurring on IBM x3650. My questions is: Is the text string "System
Reconfigured" the result after interpretation by FreeIPMI? or FreeIPMI
simply reads the BMC-SEL, then display?




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