You have a document "Simultaneous-Use" in 
/usr/local/share/doc/freeradius-version. See if that is helpful. Best thing to 
do is to have a look at the script and see if you can switch on logging or 
debugging somewhere. Then try running it manually and see what happens. It 
might not be pulling NAS information properly.
No radwho output? How about radlast - does it have recent entries or from some 
days ago (or none at all)?
Can you paste the part od radiusd -X output when that error occurs?
Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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Thank dear 

 tell me one thing 
1) in freeradius two type of method to check simultenous login checking one is 
sql base query and second is checkrad perl script now i am useing 
simultenous-use attributes through SQL i have done some change in 
raddb/mssql.conf file simu_count and simu_very users this is working fine but 
know i want to check this thing not from sql i want to use checkrad perl script 
so what is the configuration for this 

          I have read document on net but it is bit confusing me some author 
told put entry in naslist naspasswd and client.conf  so i dont know where i put 
right entry ro start this thing and i have read one more thing checkrad script 
support cisco NAS and i have cisco router also i have enable snmp but i dont 
know how to check this checkrad script is it working or not can u explain me 
this thing caz i m suffer this thing..... 

One more problem my radiusd server die again and again and i got this erro

1 *** glibc detected *** malloc()

what is thus how can i resolve this one 


# Snmp configuration is only valid if SNMP support was enabled
# at compile time.
# To enable SNMP querying of the server, set the value of the
# 'snmp' attribute to 'yes'
snmp = no
$INCLUDE ${confdir}/snmp.conf

This is in radius.conf. Change snmp = yes and checkrad should work with
nastype set to cisco.

If you want to get rid of all stale sessions delete them with SQL
oneliner like:

delete from radacct where AcctStopTime=0 && AcctStartTime < '2007-3-8'

(this is MySQL - MSSQL syntax might be slightly different)

This will delete all open sessions up to today.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

Dana 8/3/2007, "satish patel" pi¹e:

>Dear all
> i fedup from this problem i dont know how to resolve it no one help me out 
> from this problem i have freradius-1.1.4 + MSSQL setup user databases and 
> accouting done by mssql and my NAS is cisco router with VPDN configuration 
> but i have faceing some problem since last week suposse one user login in to 
> cisco router and he/she accouting start on MSSQL server
>i am useting simultenouse-use feature in SQL
>radacct tables
>User AcctStartTime AcctStopTime
>abc 08/03/2007:01:30 1/1/1900
>Now user can access internet and anything everything going fine but after when 
>i stop radiusd proccess and start it my user disconnected and he/she try for 
>login in to cisco VPDN he/she got error access deny and i got some log 
>multiple user login
>Thu Mar 8 20:12:05 2007 : Auth: Multiple logins (max 1) : [mlpm484/] (from 
>client cisco port 974)
>Thu Mar 8 20:12:08 2007 : Auth: Multiple logins (max 1) : [mlpm629/] (from 
>client cisco port 1111)
>Thu Mar 8 20:12:10 2007 : Auth: Multiple logins (max 1) : [mlpm484/] (from 
>client cisco port 460)
>Thu Mar 8 20:12:14 2007 : Auth: Multiple logins (max 1) :
>SomeThing like this it means in MSSQL AcctStopTime there is i still user login 
>means that entry is not still clear thats why i got error 'Multiple logins 
>(max 1)'
>in my client.conf file NAStype is "other" caz when i user cisco nastype my 
>Simulteneous-use not working ?? so i thing this detail enough for help plz 
>tell me right suggesstion if i am wrong ....
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