I'm currently using EAP-TTLS & PAP (via SecureW2) to authorize &
authenticate wireless clients against specific realms. Users are
able to authorize & authenticate properly, but the username in 
incoming accounting replies come in as 'anonymous@<realmname>'.
I had this spitting out proper accounting information before,
and haven't changed any configuration options since putting it
into production. The only conclusions I can come up with are:

1) The access points are buggy (3com OfficeConnects)
2) FreeRADIUS doesn't keep track of connections properly -- either
   because it doesn't bother to replace anonymous entries with the
   previously seen identity for the given ID, or I haven't
   configured it to do so. 

I would be inclined to think it was the latter, except that the
configuration was working properly previously, and the
Accounting-Request packet itself contains [EMAIL PROTECTED] instead 
of the actual authenticated user.

Anyone have any suggestions, or can anyone at least point me to
any documentation on this?

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