> Thanks for your help Alan,
> However i don't undestand what i have to do to fix this bug. Where can i
> found the branch_1_1 and what should i do it? 
> If i download the freeradius-1.1.5 source again and compile it, it should 
> work ?

no. it wont work as 1.1.5 is 1.1.5 and the patch is in the 1.1.x branch 
(branch_1_1) which will hopefully emerge as e.g. 1.1.6 

to source code that will work, you could follow the 'getting source code
via CVS guide' but ensure that you use  '-r branch_1_1' on the fetching line
(though I had a no free space error from the server when i tried using CVS
this morning)

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