Hi Alan,

no, many crashed were spontaneus (I do not know the internals of radiusd, but 
from time to time It reloads, maybe as response to a passwd file changed or 
so). Then I tried to send an HUP signal, after the server authenticated some 
clients, and few seconds (20-40) later the server crashed.

Unfortunately the log does not show the activity during the crash, maybe 
someone can suggest me how to get more detailed log.



On Wednesday 14 March 2007 16:17, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hi,
> > clients to work, included the Vista clients) but then invariably it
> > crashed. Apparently, (from the various logs attached) it always crashed
> > after the configuration reload, but it is not evident if immedialtely
> > after the reload or some time later.
> are you 'HUP'ing the server at those times to reload the config? I
> too have noticed change in behaviour with 1.1.5 regarding HUP of
> the server. 1.1.4 was fine, but a HUP on 1.1.5 can kill the process
> alan
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