Alan, Ivan,
   Thanks!  Between both of your comments, I was able to put two and 
two together and get both modules working.  I would never have 
guessed that one needs to create the groups in the passwd module.  It 
simply isn't intuitive to use the passwd  module for doing this.  One 
would think that each module (unix and ldap in my case) could work in 
tandem.  Any ways, it seem to be working with these two passwd modules:

passwd staff {
                 filename = /etc/raddb/unixusers
                 format = "*User-Name::::"
                 authtype = unix
passwd students {
                 filename = /etc/raddb/ldapusers
                 format = "*User-Name::::"
                 authtype = ldap


At 11:57 AM 3/13/2007, you wrote:
>Tim Tyler wrote:
> > Ivan, or others,
> >    Ok, I can't seem to find documentation on
> > this.  If I don't use the users file, I presume I
> > should create the groups in the radiusd.conf
> > file.  How does one create a group for Students
> > and Staff (syntax)?
>   "man rlm_passwd"
> >  Can I assign Auth-Type =
> > System for Staff and Auth-Type = LDAP for Staff
> > and have a request against both groups?
>  Yes.
>   Note,
> > there is no way ahead of time to distinguish
> > between a user that is staff or student.  So I
> > need the solution to first check the system file and then check 
> against ldap.
>   No.
>   I presume you don't have the same username for a staff & student.  In
>that case, you can do LDAP lookups to see if they're in LDAP.  If so,
>use LDAP.  If not, they should be in /etc/passwd.
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