On Thu, 15 Mar 2007 10:16:14 -0500 joe vieira <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
>Hi all,
>I'm using the RHEL build of freeradius 1.0.1.  I'm trying to do 

You really should upgrade that. If I recall correctly, there were
some nasty bugs in the early 1.0.x builds.

>something  that might seem totally stupid, so let me know if i am 
>need to flame).   I'm new to freeradius so bear with me a bit.

We were all new at some point, some people just forget that :)

>i have eap-peap authentication working against our ad domain.  
>keen.  what i would like to be able to do is, in our openldap 
>environment, store attributes for retrieval by radius, cisco 
>etc... i assume the way to do this would be to use the 
>sections, but if you add ldap to that then it automatically adds 
>authentication...which i don't want..

You could try using one of the SQL modules. Unlike ldap, the sql
modules only retrieve attributes from an sql table, and sets the
attributes for use by later modules (or freeradius, if the
'Auth-Type := Local' has been set) 

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