Sorry Alan,
I do not really understand you. firstly, the server is a totally empty
server as it was set up by my colleague for me for testing before
implementation and secondly is there a way to check the packets that i am
suppose to be expecting. By the way, the results came as a result of a
radtest. Sorry for the noobness.

Alan DeKok-4 wrote:
> vir\ulence wrote:
>> Dropping request (1025 is too many): from clie
>> nt abc :1818 - ID: 97       
>> Info: WARNING: Please check the radiusd.conf file. ?T
>> he value for 'max_requests' is probably set too low.
>> apparently this is what i get after setting the attrbutes to a higher
>> level.
>   Then I would say that something is seriously wrong in your network.
>   Having more than 200 attributes in a RADIUS packet is extremely rare.
>  As in: If it happens, it's probably because you're being attacked, and
> you should go investigate.  That's what the log message says.
>   So... did you check that the packets are what you expect?  Why are
> there 200 attributes in the packet?
>   And if the server is handling more than 1024 packets at a time, it's
> either too slow (i.e. databases are slow or down), or it's being attacked.
>   It looks like you just want configuration changes to make the error
> messages go away.  That is absolutely the wrong approach.  Find the
> cause of the problem, and fix it.  The messages will go away once the
> problem goes away.
>   Alan DeKok.
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