virulence wrote:
> Sorry Alan,
> I do not really understand you. firstly, the server is a totally empty
> server as it was set up by my colleague for me for testing before
> implementation

  That doesn't matter.  The client is sending packets.  The
configuration items that generate those error messages are about the
packets that the client is sending.

> and secondly is there a way to check the packets that i am
> suppose to be expecting. By the way, the results came as a result of a
> radtest. Sorry for the noobness.

  Ah.  If the "more than 200 attributes" packet came in via radtest,
then you've configured the server wrong.

  i.e. You've told the server to proxy requests to itself.  Don't do that.

  See "proxy.conf".  One of the "realms" entries has the same IP and
port that the server is listening on.  Change that IP:port to "LOCAL".

  Alan DeKok.
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