On 3/21/07, Kostas Kalevras <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> O/H Ethan Dicks έγραψε:
> > ...  I'm using PHP 4.3.0, since
> > that's what comes with RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.   I've turned on
> > register_globals, but I can't get the dialup_admin code to stop
> > throwing warnings about variable names, etc.

> Well as you probably have seen config.php3 will call
> import_request_variables('GPC') so you should not normally have problems
> with variables like $login.

Hmm... I have seen that call at the top of config.php3, but I'm seeing
behavior that's consistent with it not working.  Odd.

> I have dialupadmin running on php-5.0.3 without a problem.

Thank you for letting me know that it works with a newer version of
php.  I'm back to the drawing board about where I might be missing an
installation step, then.



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