I have implemented EAP-TTLS , stored EAP-Type value in radpostauth table and
able to connect to internet without UAM.
Once a user is authenticated through EAP-TTLS , his details are put in
radpostauth table and he is allowed to acess internet without UAM,but his
accounting information is not stored in radacct table.
how to store accounting information in radacct, in case of EAP-TTLS.


On 3/27/07, Alan DeKok <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

deepak kumar wrote:
> Thanks.
> I have used EAP-Type variable and stored its value in radacct table.

Ah.  That's different.

You can't store EAP-Type during accounting, because there is no EAP
type in the accounting packets.

You CAN store it in the DB during authentication, but it has to be
during a "post-auth" section.

Alan DeKok.
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