David Wood wrote:

> The second group of patches that remain I'm going to post below -
> because I think they might be candidates for committing to FreeRADIUS
> itself. It was clearly felt by previous contributors to the port that
> the Makefiles don't always contain $(CFLAGS) when they would be expected
> to.
> It might be that these patches are also unnecessary with the build
> system used from 1.1.3 onwards - if so, will someone explain why and
> I'll remove these patches too. I believe they are still needed judging
> by the output of make, but I'm willing to be corrected (in Alan's gentle
> style if needs be!).
> [...]

The patch adds $(CFLAGS) during the *link*. (not during compile)

The linker doesn't need options such as "-O3" or "-I/path/to/include"
therefore I'd like to know the reasons why you believe this patch
would be useful.

> There's one patch I wrote, which I think is a bug in a Makefile for
> 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 (hence the file name of patch-raddb-Makefile-1.1.4_bug):
> [...]
> otppasswd.sample seems to have disappeared from 1.1.4 onwards - is this
> a bug in that Makefile as I believe? If so, can that be fixed in CVS?

Indeed it looks like a bug. I've fixed it in CVS.

> There's two other things I'm currently modifying the source to achieve,
> on which I'd appreciate comments.
> patch-doc::Makefile surrounds the contents of the install target in
> doc/Makefile with #ifndef NOPORTDOCS ... #endif. FreeBSD ports have to
> respect this flag. Is a neater way to pass --with-docdir=/dev/null to
> configure if NOPORTDOCS is defined (which I haven't tried) and abandon
> the patch. Has anyone any other suggestions?

Every downstream distribution has its own mechanism to mark the
files as "documentation".

> To install the sample raddb files in the correct location, I'm running
> sed across all Makefile and Makefile.in files, replacing $(R)$(raddbdir)
> with the appropriate location. I'd rather do this via configure, but if
> I use --with-raddbdir, that changes the install location of the files
> *and* the default location the server looks for those files. The latter
> change isn't wanted.

Every downstream distribution has its own mechanism to handle the
config files. I don't know the opinion of the others, but I'm unsure
about a configure option that's useful for the FreeBSD port only.

Nicolas Baradakis

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