Christian Hohmann wrote:
>> Now the Problem: Some workstations are added to a samba managed domain
and can only login on the samba service.
>> It seems to me, that the winxpsp2 supplicant first wants to authenticate at 
>> the samba server. But the switch doesn?t allow the connection, because the 
>> port is closed until the eap-authentication is handled.

>The machines also need to log in using EAP.
>Alan DeKok.

Thanks for help. I think so too, but I have no idea how or even if it is 
possible. The WXPSP2 Client with user authentication is not able to 
authanticate against the freeradius. There is not even a request arriving on 
the freeradius. If I toggle to "Identify with ComputerInformation if possible" 
there is at least a request arriving at the radiusserver. It takes some time, 
but it works. After the Authentication with computer Information, its not 
possible to authenticate a second time with the user information. How do i have 
to configure the client correctly to realize userauthentication? Or do I need 
to reconfigure the server?

Regards - Christian

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